In order to connect to our server you will first need to the installer. Once you run the installer, you will follow the prompts and our game launcher will be displayed. Our game launcher will be your go to for everything related to our server. You can visit our website and forums, check the wiki, or check for our discord. The two buttons you care about are the check for updates button and the play UOR button. You can check for updates in order to get any patch that is released. Play UOR will launch the ClassicUo client and you will only need to put in your login information. If this is your first time then you choose your account name and password.

Please make sure to run the launcher as an administrator! If you don’t do this then the client will close automatically when you try to log in!
1. Download our installer Here.
2. Run the installer to install our game files.
3. Once installed, the UOR launcher will load and you’re ready to play UO Resurgence!
4. The UOR client will now open. Put in a username and password that you want for you account and you will be guided through the rest of the process in creating a character. Welcome to your new Ultima Online home!
5. Our Discord channel is UoResurgence.