Welcome to Ultima Online: Resurgence! We are a custom era Ultima online shard that has a never before seen custom map! Our shard is based on the traditional Felucca ruleset. There is no item insurance, and no item bless deeds. All equipment has AOS and newer properties. There is no skill cap, but you’ll be limited by your Aptitudes points. There a 300 stat cap. We have power scrolls and stat scrolls that are obtained from fighting champion spawns. Skill gain is not terribly easy but it is also not very hard.

We have several custom systems that are unique to our server. These inlcude:

  • Achievements
  • Ancient Spells
  • Aptitudes
  • Custom Leathers
  • Custom Ores
  • Custom Races
  • Factions[Order and Chaos]
  • Galleon ship combat
  • New Arrow and Bolt types
  • Pet Training
  • Pet breeding
  • Quests
  • Zealot Spawns