Zealot Spawns

From UO Resurgence WIKI

Zealot spawns are like mini champion spawns. They are meant for one or two people. Your pets will count towards the maximum allowed to enter the zealot spawn. The rewards for killing a Zealot champion are similar to regular champion spawns. No scrolls of transcendence or power scrolls are awarded simply for killing spawn. Also, when killing the Zealot champion, you will only get two power scrolls 115 or below. You cannot get 120 from a Zealot champion unless you are doing size 16 Zealot spawns. Another difference between a Zealot spawn and a Champion spawn is that the corpses are removed periodically from the spawn area. The contents are placed into a chest that will only become unlocked if you defeat the Zealot champion.
You can find the zealot controller in Steeltown. It will take you to the zealot spawn locations. When creating the zealot spawn you must click the button next to which location you want to start the spawn at.

There are four locations to choose to do the zealot spawn at.

  • Destiny
  • Chaos
  • Immortal
  • Moonlight

Once you have choosen the location, you'll be given a menu to confirm that the location is where you want to setup the spawn. Click on "Start the attack" to configure your zealot spawn.

  • Open to Public- If there is no check in the box then no other payer will be able to join you.
  • Size-By default 8 is selected. if you change it to 16 then the difficulty will be ramped up and you'll essentially be doing a champion spawn.

Once you have selected your size then click "okay" to begin the assault. This will teleport you to the Zealot spawn location and a random Zealot spawn will be started.

There are several different types of Zealot spawns that mimic the Champion spawns.

Types of Zealot Spawns

  • Undead
Level Monster 1 Monster 2 Monster 3
1 Bogle Ghoul Spectre
2 Skeletal Knight Zombie
3 Mummy Bone Knight
4 Lich Bone Magi

  • Cold Blood
Level Monster 1 Monster 2 Monster 3
1 Lizardman Lizardman Mage
2 Ophidian Warrior Drake
3 Lava Lizard Wyvern
4 Dragon Ophidian Mage

  • Forest Lord
Level Monster 1 Monster 2 Monster 3
1 Pixie Pixie Warrior
2 Shadow Wisp Crystal Elemental
3 Centaur Wisp
4 Ethereal Fairy Dragon

  • Vermin Horde
Level Monster 1 Monster 2 Monster 3
1 Ratman Frost Ooze
2 Dire Wolf Ratman Mage
3 Frost Troll Kappa
4 Ratman Archer Silver Serpent

  • Arachnid
Level Monster 1 Monster 2 Monster 3
1 Scorpion Giant Spider
2 Terathan Drone Terathan Warrior
3 Frost Spider Terathan Matriarch
4 Dread Spider Giant Black Widow

  • Abyss
Level Monster 1 Monster 2 Monster 3
1 Headless one Imp
2 Stone Gargoyle Gazer
3 Gargoyle Fire Gargoyle
4 Daemon Arcane Daemon