Shard Rules

From UO Resurgence WIKI

This is a list of rules for the shard. It is a guideline for how to act.
Two accounts per IP.
Macroing is allowed. However, it is only allowed for skill and stat gains. Unattended resource gathering, creature killing, or gold gathering is not allowed. Please respond to a staff inquiring if you are at the keyboard.
PVP is allowed. Pking aka player killing is allowed. There will be systems in place to counteract pking.
Please be respectful to other players on the shard. We are here to build a community of players who enjoy Ultima Online and this shard.
If you find something that is not working as intended please report it. If you are found exploiting a bug you will be punished for it.
Staff are here to assist you with any questions you may have or if you encounter a game breaking issue. Staff are not here to replace your items, give you items, modify your items, change your character in any way, and you get the picture.
The selling of any in-game items or gold for real life money is prohibited.
Have fun!