New Player Guide

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This guide will make your first few hours of experiencing our shard better.

New Player Dealer
  • If this is a new account your character will be in young status. This allows you to not lose all your belongings should you die.
  • Understand the Aptitude system. These Aptitudes will make your life easier. Remember to make sure that you are activating ones that compliment the skills you are trying to raise.
  • Albino creatures come out at night. These creatures are stronger variants of their counterparts. It is best to avoid them if you are unsure about their strength.
  • In the starting city of Firebriar, you'll find numerous NPCs there to help you. On the road outside the walls of the city you'll find new player skill quests that are designed to help brand new players learn about skills. These skill quests require you to raise a skill to 50.0 and then return mto the NPC that gave you the quest. You'll receive equipment that will be better than the starting equipment you may have.
  • Also in Firebriar you'll find kill quests. These quests are given by NPCS in a Thatch roof Log cabin outside the city walls. These kill quests vary in difficulty, but you can refuse a hard quest in order to get an easier one. These quests will give scrolls of alacrity for random skills. Scrolls of Alacrity will grant you increased skill gain for 15 minutes to a particular skill once used. This is very useful for raising skills easier
  • There is a new player dealer at the fountain outside the walls of the city of Firebriar. The vendor sells practice weapons[weapons that have their damage output reduced]. a mage robe[that uses arcane charges instead of reagents], and a necromancer mask[that uses arcane charges instead of reagents]. These items will be useful to you if you decide to use them. The mage robe and necromancer mask can only be used up until you reach 75.0 skill in magic skills. The practice weapons can be used up until 100 skill.
  • Death is inevitable. When you die there will be a tracking arrow that will lead you to a NPC healer. If no healer is within range then the arrow will appear when one is in range. That being said, all your items will remain on your corpse. If you do not make it back in time before your corpse decays then your items will be gone.
  • Gold that is put in your bank account is account bound. So you'll be able to access your gold across all characters!
  • The tracking skill is so useful for new players to find new towns, moongates, or dungeons. I cannot express enough the importance of using tracking to get your way around the world.
  • If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. You have our forums, our discord channel, or general chat.