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Galleons are new vessels that can be obtained through normal gameplay. There are two that can be obtained by purchasing from the shipwright at the Black market. The Black Market is located in the south east corner of the map. The two galleons that can be purchased from the shipwright are the Tokuno galleon and the Gargoyle galleon. There are two other galleons that can be obtained. The Orcish Galleon is obtained from collecting all the plans from the sea market officer quest. The Britanian Galleon is the largest galleon obtainable and currently is not available through normal gameplay.

Galleons are controlled by a pilot instead of a tillerman. The same commands work with a pilot to get the galleon moving. Forward, back, forward right, forward left, back right, back left, forward one, back one, left one, right one, and stop. Galleons have a large cargo hold. This is to accommodate the massive amounts of fish you can obtain through fishing, ore from mining, or loot from merchant and pirate galleons.

Galleons have weapon pads. The number of weapon pads that each galleon has is dependent on the type of galleon. The Tokuno Galleon has the least amount of weapon pads, and the Britanian Galleon has the most. Each weapon pad can fit one cannon.

Galleons can be severely damaged by NPC Galleons or other players. A Galleon will not move fast if it is damaged. If you need to repair your galleon then single click your galleon pilot and select permanent repairs. You will need to have cloth and boards in your hold or on you in order to repair. In addition to the damage that your galleon can take, the cannons on your galleon will also take damage. Cannons take normal wear and tear damage as well as damage from enemy cannons. Pay attention to your galleon's cannons. If you galleon is scuttled then it will be unable to move from the spot it currently is at. You will need to do emergency or permanent repairs to your galleon.

Galleons will decay if they are not refreshed periodically.