Bulk Order Deeds

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Bulk Order deeds

Bulk Order deeds(Bods) are orders given by NPCs that specify items they need. These will be given to you based on your skill in the particular crafting system. Bulk Order Deeds come in small and large sizes. The small ones will require you to craft one specific item for the vendor. You will need several small bods to complete a large bod. These large bulk order deeds will only accept the corresponding small bods required. For example, if you have a large bod for all components of a platemail suit, you will need to find all the corresponding small bods that complete that large bod in the specific quantity and material requested. Each bod has a number of points you will receive if you complete the bod and turn it in. You have the option of turning the bod in and receiving the full amount of points to spend. On the other hand, you can bank a fraction of the points with the NPC that can be used later to redeem as a reward. You cannot combine banked points with the immediate points you would receive for turning in a completed bod. For example, if you have 50 banked points and have a completed bod to turn in worth 50 points. For that bod, if you choose to redeem the points when you turn in the completed bod, then you will only have the 50 points to spend on your reward. When you select your reward, your banked points will show again. You can check the amount of points your bod is worth by double clicking it. This will also be the way that you select what you want to do with your points( IE bank them automatically or ask you every time you turn in a completed bod).

Claim Rewards Menu
You can see what rewards a vendor will give for completing Bods by single left clicking the NPC while near it and selecting the claim rewards option. This will bring up a menu showing your total banked points for that Bod type as well as all rewards that are giving by the NPC for completing Bods.

You can now get a vendor to upgrade your bulk order deed. The vendor will offer to make the Bod better if you pay a bribe. If you agree to pay the bribe then you only need to drop the Bod on the vendor that offered the bribe. The money for the bribe will automatically be taken out of your bank account. The vendor will return the Bod better than what you first had. The new Bod will have a better Qty or require exceptional or require a harder material to complete. You can do this with a bod numerous times until the Bod cannot be improved any further. Trying to get a vendor to upgrade a bod that cannot be improved any further will not change the Bod at all. The vendor will continue to accept bribes until the corresponding trade guild starts to put pressure on that particular vendor. When that happens, the vendor will not accept any bribes for a set amount of time. You will need to find another vendor to bribe. Bribe amounts will increase depending on material of the Bod and the amount of bribes the vendor has been given.

Bulk order Types