Ancient Spells

From UO Resurgence WIKI

The Ancient spellbook is the oldest form of magic in the world. It is so old that knowledge of it has been lost and very little is known about it. The spell scrolls can only be found on the oldest of creatures, the Ancients. Do you have what it takes to slay an Ancient? The Ancients are a unique class of monsters in this world. They are very strong and very difficult to kill. Obtaining a scroll for a spell in the ancient language is only the first step. You’ll need to locate the Ancient spellbook. This is debatably a harder task. No mage shop across the land will have one. If they do, it is not for sale. The Ancient spells were used by the now destroyed Dragon Riders. The King is the last of their order, or is he? Your quest to find an Ancient spellbook would best start with investigating the dragon riders.