7/25/22 Game update 1.6

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7/25/22 Game update 1.6

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Game update 1.6 is now out. Update via your launcher. Let me know of any problems.

Client Updates
-Reduced the density of forests throughout the world.
-The city of Firebriar has been slightly redesigned. a butcher, a shipwright, a dock, and a bridge were built around the city!
-The chaos faction stronghold has been updated.
-The order faction stronghold has been updated.
-All 8 faction keeps have been updated and decorated.
-The pockets of snow that were slightly north of the faction keeps that were previously inaccessible and thus preventing access to treasure maps have now been made accessible.
-Token Dungeon level 2 has been added.
-Hailstone Hollow levels 2 and 3 have been added. Added level 4 "boss" room.
-Dragon dungeon levels 2 and 3 have been added. Added level 4 "boss" room.

Server Additions
-The honesty virtue has been added. You can now find lost items belonging to specific NPCs. These can be returned to lost and found boxes located at the city bank or you can use forensic ID to figure out the owner and give it back for more gain in honesty virtue.
-You will now get a discount from NPC vendors based on your progression in the Honesty Virtue.
-Faction Invasion system. Faction aligned NPCs will now attack Faction keeps and strongholds. If a faction stronghold has a sigil that is being corrupted then it will be the target of the opposing faction's NPC invasion. That faction must defeat the invasion or the sigils that are being corrupted will be returned to their respective keeps. Also, if the NPC faction is invading an opposing faction controlled keep that is currently in the process of purifying a sigil then it will reduce the time it takes to purify the sigil. See our wiki for more details.
-Added a faction collection to each faction stronghold. You may donate silver to the collection in order to redeem faction specific rewards.
-There is now a chance to find specific rares when fighting inside dungeons. These rares will be found as loot on the corpse of a monster. These rares can only be found in dungeons.
-Added "owned by" to all equipment. Specific equipment that has the "owned by" attribute can only be work by the character that first wears it. This does not mean that the item is blessed.
-You can now fight the boss of Hailstone Hollow by collecting all six keys and returning them to the pillar on level 3.
-Added the following monsters:
Ice Spider
Ice Skeletal mage
Frost elf rider
White Dragon
Royal Mummy
Greater Phoenix
lava Dragon
Ice sea serpent
Atlantean Solen Warrior, Queen, and worker

Server Changes
-Reduced chance of monsters becoming paragons.
-If you have 100 in the crafting aptitude for Bulk order deeds, when you are given a large bulk order deed you will also be offered all the small bulk order deeds to complete the large bulk order deed. This works for every bulk order deed except animal taming.
-Removed certain veteran rewards.
-Reduced the chance of being offered a Large Bulk order deed
-Updated regions specifically in faction keeps and strongholds.

If you have any issues with the update please let me know!
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