8/14/21 Game update 1.4

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8/14/21 Game update 1.4

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Game update 1.4 is now out. Download the installer and install the new version. Patching will not work. I needed to get rid of some things with the name change.

-Slight redesign of the launcher. Removed the WWIII name and updated to UO Resurgence.
-Patcher will not work with your client. Download the new installer and install UO Resurgence.

-Reduced the amount of trees around Wildmist.
-Reduced the amount of trees around dungeon Wind.
-The Rock dungeon has started to be redesigned. It is a work in progress and will be finished in next update.
-Bedlam undead level has been updated graphically. I still have more to do here.
-Fixed some errors in the Firebriar mine
-Started building a small town in the Tokuno lands on the outer edge of the map.
-Added map icons specific to our shard to the World map.

Game updates

-Added achievements to complete. Achievements are character specific and cover a wide variety of different tasks to complete. More will be added with each update. You can see your ahcievments by using the [feats command
-Fixed it so justice can no longer be gained from summons.
-A lot of NPCs that were always red are now grey. This includes savages, brigands, and evil mages.
-Rising Colossus will no long attack other summons if those summons are in the area of the hail storm spell.
-Animals, mounters, and other NPCs will no longer flee when low on health. They will stand their ground!
-Trapdoor spiders have been added to the Abyss.
-Removed a bunch of veteran rewards from the menu. I'm planning on making these rewards available through crafting.
-Sovereigns have been added as a loot drop.
-Added a craft able storage container that will hold all your resources. You can also set your loadout and have it put into your main bag each time you use it. More items will be added to the storage container in the future. You can craft these in the carpentry menu.
-Raptors and bouras have been spawned into the map.
-Relic loot has been added to pirate and merchant ships.
-Added dungeon chests to wind, bedlam, and rock dungeon.
-Fixed an issue where creatures were not dropping imbuing ingredients when they should.
-Made it so that when you double click a forge, you will attempt to smelt any and all ore in your backpack.
-Added a craft able repair bench. This is made with the carpentry skill. The repair bench is charged with any repair deed. When double clicking the repair bench, it will repair any item currently equipped or in your main pack. For each item repaired it will use up 1 charge.
-Added Turkeys and ice hounds to the spawn tables.
-All low level creatures have been given an HP boost. Everything that was an animal or not a dragon got an HP buff.
-Luck deeds and attribute extractors have been removed as loot drops.
-Added the human heritage quest. This will convert your character from Elf to Human. For more information on this quest look to our Wiki.
-Added the Elf heritage quest. This will convert your character from Human to Elf. For more information on this quest look to our Wiki.
-Efreets have been added to the area outside the daemon city of Shadowpyre.
-ice fiends have been added to the spawn tables.
-Elf brigand camps have been added to the road south west of Tallenbrook.
-The orc fort that was not spawned is currently spawned.
-Axes now have uses and will break when their uses remaining is depleted.
-Bods have been given more points for specific bulk order requests. This will make the bods worth completing.
-The Harrower gate will now spawn correctly.
-Stat scrolls have been fixed. This will not fix any stat scrolls that currently exist in game.
-Fixed a teleporter issue going from level 2 of dungeon wind to level 1.
-You can now talk to the trade ministers of various cities to run trade orders between cities. This will boost your loyalty with the specific city and give you a reward. While you are traveling between the cities you will be ambushed by creatures.
-Added city loyalty system. You can now single click your player and click the Loyalty ratings menu. This will bring up a gump that will show you your fame/karma and other loyalty. By clicking the blue button at the bottom of the gump you will be brought to a gump that shows all the loyalty cities. You can gain loyalty in cities by completing trade orders, arresting raiders, cleaning up trash, and fighting for your city at champion spawns. Once you declare your loyalty to a city you can start gaining loyalty at champion spawns. Loyalty is used to buy specific loyalty titles for the cities as well as city banners.
-Champion spawns have now been spread out across the world.
-If you do not have the hiding/stealth aptitude you will not be able to stealth very far when using hiding and stealth.
-If you do not have the hiding/stealth aptitude you will not be able to hide very well.
-Fixed a bug where quarter staffs could not be made.
-Fixed a bug where treasure chests that have resources as loot would spawn with those resources with qty =0.
-Spirit speak will now consume more mana and be less effective if you do not have the spirit speak aptitude.
-Bandages will now be less effective if you do not have the bandages aptitude. This will make curing poison with a bandage not possible and ressing a character not possible with the bandages aptitude.
-First circle magery spells are no longer affected by aptitudes. You can still use them to gain, but the benefits will not be applied.
-Fixed a bug where peacemaking targets would be peaced indefinitely.
-Removed player city town selection from moongate list.
-Dragon turtle champ is now spawned in the world.
-Creatures will no longer have a random value in detect hidden that would allow them to reveal you while hiding. Only certain creatures will get the detect hidden ability.
-Orc Scouts now function correctly.
-Added the lighthouse veteran reward. This will prevent your boat from decaying permanently.
-Vendors that are located in a loyalty city will now only buy items from players if the city treasure has funds. You will need to buy things from city vendors or complete trade orders for that city in order to raise the balance of that particular city.
-Added treasure hunter storage item. This is craftable with carpentry. It will hold all your treaasure maps. SOs, fish nets, shovels and lockpicks.
-Adjusted the spawn levels in the wilderness.
-Adjusted the regions around shrines.

-Our store is now live in-game. You can go to it by clicking the UO store button on the minibar at the top of your screen. The store takes Resurgence sovereigns. These are obtainable by donating to the shard OR collecting them as loot from the monsters in game. You can do either if you want to get the items in the store.
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